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In-House Services

Cascade Rubber Products large rubber ring photo
Cascade Rubber provides many necessary support services in-house. All metal prep is done inside. This includes a number of specialized requirements designed and implemented to meet the needs of our customers. By having all this under our control, it makes it possible for us to meet the scheduling commitments we make to our customers.

Because of the depth of our services, one phone call to us can now do the work of three or four. No matter how complex your part, no matter how many components are required, Cascade can make your life easier.
We evolve strong customer relationships from years of working together. Mutual trust is earned. We set the tone from the very beginning by being thorough, and encouraging a depth of communication that many vendors never achieve. If your current or future needs include any of the following contact Cascade Rubber.

The following are a number of our services (click on each item for more details):
The process of transferring the formulated raw material into a finished molded part complete with the physical properties required by the customer for end use.

We work with our customers' engineering and purchasing departments to help them design their parts for their specific needs.

We also work closely with several skilled machine shops to help build the tooling for their projects and our various presses provide the heat and pressure necessary to produce a finished molded part.
We have injection presses that include the latest microprocessor-driven 600 ton press. If your needs include high volume pieces produced to meet your schedule, we can do it. Still using compression or transfer molds and experiencing greater demand? Consider converting to injection tooling and reap the benefits of faster production and greater cost efficiency. Please e-mail us with your needs or call us at 800.526.5994. We are your bridge to stronger economy of scale.

Cascade Rubber offers expert mold making and tooling upgrades. Proper mold construction is a vital part of dependable quality. We also offer a wide range of elastomers to meet your needs. Our experts can help you find the right formulation.
Large Compression Presses
Cascade Rubber has large compression presses with platen sizes up to 84" by Large Compression Press 110". We can mold large rubber pieces like box hydro-forming pads or industrial sized rubber coated screens. We are experts in large rubber pieces including bonding elastomers to large metal shapes. Do not hesitate to call and discuss your needs with us. If you have settled for urethane or other materials because you couldn't find anyone who could mold large rubber pieces, you've found the answer.

Most rubber molders would have to mold this ring in segments and then splice the segments to form the completed gasket. But at Cascade Rubber, with our larger presses, we were able to mold the entire piece shown providing greater part integrity and improved field performance. This is an example of how Cascade Rubber's unique capabilities can give you more -- and better -- options to improve your competitive edge.
We work with aluminum, mild steel and custom alloys and do all of our own in-house metal preparation using an etching process and custom cementing.

We use heat and pressure along with the proper cement to cause a molecular cross linking of rubber, cement and metal which will give an excellent adhesion of the rubber material to the metal.
The finishing touch to Cascade Rubber's quality is cryogenic deflashing. Unless your components are properly finished, they may not meet tight tolerances or cosmetic requirements. Cryogenic deflashing offers the fastest, most consistent way to finish complex shapes and tight tolerances.

Even if you've been told your molded pieces are too large for cryogenic deflashing please call us and ask. Our six cubic foot capacity may fit your needs.

Cryogenic deflashing is one more example of Cascade Rubber's attention to your details in our continuing effort to provide customers with the finest service.

We also offer the customer the choice of large production runs, right down to runs for large part minimum orders. We operate 24 hours per day and therefore can offer flexible production scheduling and the ability to respond quickly to increased orders quantities from customers. Design For Manufacturing Consultation. We work with many corporations to help them design their products. Once the products are designed, we quickly manufacture prototypes and once approved, we move quickly into the volume manufacturing phase.