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About Cascade Rubber - Who we are

Located in Northwest Portland, one of the most important ports on the Pacific Rim, we have two facilities today totalling 40,000 sq ft of manufacturing space. Cascade Rubber is a family owned business, started in 1974, giving us thirty years of experience in forming customer relationships that last.

Our key production employees have over 120 years combined experience working with compounding, rubber molding and problem solving. Our management team has over 90 years combined experience in the rubber industry which results in us being able to offer the best overall solution for your manufacturing, quality and cost needs.

Our customer philosophy is quite simple but effective.

Cascade Rubber Products large compression press photo
We work closely with key customers to help them design and build products for their OEM systems. We have been in business for over 35 years and our growth and success stems from our consistent focus on customer needs - we grow with their success.

From heavy industrial parts weighing a half ton or more, to high volume consumer parts weighing only ounces, Cascade Rubber Products makes them all.
Our success is based on our service and our people. Many of our customers have been with us since the beginning. With our unique collection of highly skilled craftsman, we rarely encounter a problem we can't solve. We get to know our customers from engineering to purchasing, working closely from concept to mold design and into production.

Over the years with our customers, we find increasingly effective ways to work together. As customers share their goals with us, we help them look for more efficient and economical methods. Often our customers find the need to subcontract work to us. In our opinion there is no greater trust than being asked to subcontract where the identity of a customer's customer is revealed. To all our existing customers we say thank you for the trust, and to new customers we assure them they will discover their trust is well placed.

One of Cascade's strengths is the vulcanization of elastomers to metals.

We provide all of our own in-house services for metal prep. We also work closely with other businesses in the area who fill ancillary needs such as custom metal castings, tool and die construction, and specialty elastomer compounding.

Cascade Rubber Products has injection presses that include the latest microprocessor-driven 600 ton press. We also have large compression presses with platen sizes up to 84" X 110". When we say no job too large it takes on a new meaning. Cascade has made Stretch-Tite tie downs for over twenty years from its own tooling. We also offer a full line of rubber rope, all made from weather resistant EPDM. For all your molded rubber requirements, please consider Cascade Rubber Products. We work to find creative ways to deliver quality and service, along with technology and economy.

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